Gyami Shrestha, U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Program and University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

Report Development Process

Within the chapter teams are Chapter Leads and Contributing Authors from the broad carbon cycle science research community. The Chapter Leads and Co-Leads (Lead authors) included a selection of federal employees and affiliates identified through existing agency collaborations and networks as well as via the February 12, 2016, FRN issued by USDA NIFA (see Section A.9 for a description of this process). Chapter Leads and Co-Leads decided how best to organize their respective chapter teams, including division of responsibility and time requirements among Contributing Authors and Chapter Leads. The Chapter Leads and Co-Leads provided intellectual and scientific leadership for their designated chapters and were responsible for producing the chapter and addressing items of the Prospectus based on the best available scientific, technical, and socioeconomic information. They coordinated their respective chapter author team, ensuring that major sections of the chapter were completed to a high standard, were collated and delivered to the SOCCR2 Science Leads and Federal Liaisons in a timely manner, and conformed to the document’s overall standards of style. They also coordinated chapter revisions with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) editorial team, SOCCR2 Science Leads, Federal Liaisons, and Review Editors. The ORNL editorial team provided technical support to all the SOCCR2 chapter teams. This support included formatting, text editing, graphics, design, layout, and resource site management support for graphics metadata and coordination for integration of this information with the USGCRP Global Change Information System. The editorial team also helped evaluate end-to-end content and supported report development, identifying gaps and providing feedback and recommendations as needed.

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